Civic Center Services


The Civic Center, which opened in April 2000, includes:

  • A 1,100 square foot Seniors Center
  • A 4,500 square foot Terrace Room (which can be split in two sections)
  • A 7,100 square foot Ballroom
  • A 900 square foot Conference Room
  • Three Plaza / meeting rooms, which are approximately 1,100 square feet each or can be opened to one 3,300 square feet room

The Civic Center also includes an upper and lower plaza.The upper plaza provides for a stage and a mini-band stand. The lower plaza includes two fountains.The feature fountain is located near the center of the plaza and people are encouraged to play in the interactive fountain. Also located on the plaza is a trellis and a life-size chessboard. Summer hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.


Terrace Rooms I & II Combined:

Terrace Room I:

Terrace Room II:

Terrace Room Food Prep Area:

Plaza Rooms I & II Combined:

Plaza Room I:

Plaza Room III:

Conference Room: