Arts & Crafts - Virtual Recreation

If you love arts and crafts (or maybe want to learn to love arts and crafts), join us each day for a different arts and crafts activity!

Just click on the image or video below for a tutorial!

Disclaimer: Tutorials may contain links to You Tube videos or sites that are not associated with Lake Jackson Parks & Recreation


Preschool- How to Draw an Owl

Youth- How to Draw Like a Pro

Adult- Gordon Ramsay's Guide to Steak


Preschool- Handprint Turkey

Youth- Knot Art

Adult- Dining Chair Upholstery


Preschool- Bubble Paint

Youth- Whittling: Four Basic Cuts to Master

Adult- Dollar Tree Fall Decor


Preschool- How to Draw a Leaf Bug

Youth- Paracord Mask Ear Saver

Adult- How to Tune a Ukulele


Preschool- Sidewalk Chalk Balloons

Youth- Rock Tumbling

Adult- Furniture Repair Chips or Dents