Mayor Gerald Roznovsky and Assistant City Manager Meagan Borth discuss the voter-approved improvements to downtown. Slowed by COVID, the project will make significant improvements to Lake Jackson's downtown during 2022.



What is the Downtown Revitalization Phase 3 Project? 

Downtown Revitalization Phase 3 Project will create a facelift for the heart of downtown. New awnings, improvement parking and art installations are all part of the effort to update amenities for business and residents. It will begin early 2022. 

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Who do I contact for questions? 

Meagan Borth
Assistant City Manager
Cell: (913) 231-1435

Major movements

Downtown traffic route August 2022DOWNTOWN TRAFFIC UPDATE August 4, 2022

This map is intended to help the public understand the best traffic route for accessing North Parking Place during the closure of the northbound road. Parking will remain available along the green arrow route but you may experience restrictions along southbound North Parking Place during this construction phase.

Demolition of northbound North Parking Place will tentatively begin Friday, August 4, with breaking and then removal on Monday, August 8. The City currently anticipates the road will be closed for approximately six weeks.

Circle Way Detour


Beginning this week, we will be expanding some of our work on the downtown infrastructure. The current drainage construction you see on the southside of Circle Way at That Way (in yellow below) will continue but beginning Wednesday, tomorrow, we will need to also close the southside of Circle Way between Oak Drive and North Parking Place (in green below). The red arrows show you how you can navigate the streets while the construction happens. The purple X marks show you the detour for That Way. We hope to reopen the southside of Circle Way between Oak Drive and North Parking Place within one week.