Mayor Gerald Roznovsky and Assistant City Manager Meagan Borth discuss the voter-approved improvements to downtown. Slowed by COVID, the project will make significant improvements to Lake Jackson's downtown during 2022.



What is the Downtown Revitalization Phase 3 Project? 

Downtown Revitalization Phase 3 Project will create a facelift for the heart of downtown. New awnings, improvement parking and art installations are all part of the effort to update amenities for business and residents. It will begin early 2022. 

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5Projected Timeline

Begin Construction – January 3rd
Water/Wastewater Replacement – (All Areas) – January 3rd to March 7th
Phase 1 – That Way (Southeast) – February 13th to March 20th
Phase 2 –  That Way (Southwest) – March 21st to April 18th
Phase 3 – Circle Way (Southwest) – April 19th to May 22nd
Phase 4 – Circle Way (Northwest) – May 23rd to June 21st
Phase 5 – Circle Way (Northeast) – June 22nd to July 16th
Phase 6 – Circle Way (Southeast) – July 17th to August 12th (Yellow)
Phase 7 – That Way (Northeast) – August 13th to September 22nd
Phase 8 – That Way (Northwest) – September 13th to October 18th
Phase 9 – North Parking Place (East) – October 19th to November 30th
Phase 10 – North Parking Place (West) – December 1st to December 28th

Major movements

Updates to come.