Garbage & Recycling Services

The Sanitation Department provides for the removal of all household garbage, heavy trash, and recyclables.  Each residential unit in the city receives household garbage collection service two times per week and special collection of large items and brush twice per month on an as needed basis.  Curbside recycling services, through a blue bag system, is provided once per week to residential customers.

Garbage pick up is a service paid for by the homeowners.  If garbage or heavy trash is placed in front of a vacant property, and not in front of a home, then to the city’s knowledge, it is not being paid for and will not be picked up.

In addition, the garbage routes are determined and driven according to the front of your house.  Piles placed on a side street may not be picked up, since they may not be on the route of the garbage trucks.  To ensure pickup, please place all garbage toward the front of your house.

Commercial collection service is provided to commercial and industrial customers, with service levels dictated by the needs of each individual customer.

Additional Information
Apartment complexes and schools receive containerized recycling services.  The city participates as the performing party for the Southern Brazoria Clean Cities Coalition and has contracted for disposal and recyclable processing provided by Brazoria County Environmental Center located on FM 523.

This department operates and maintains a mulching facility located at 103 Canna Lane.


Heavy Trash Pickup