Projects Under Construction

Project 17-03-1993-R
Drainage Improvements West of SH 332 / 2010 Bond Project / Yaupon Ditch Lining
SH 332 to Walnut Street / Walnut Street Crossing Replacement                                                Contractor:  HTI Construction (Rosenberg, TX)

Project 18-15-1603                   
Downtown Revitalization / Phase 3 (Circle Way / N Parking Place / That Way) 
Contractor:  Main Lane Industries (Houston, TX)                                          
Project 21-01-0416
CDBG ADA Ramp Improvements in the Yaupon Place, Frostwood, Oak Forest and
Plantation Village Subdivisions
Contractor:  Sorrell Construction (Freeport, TX)                                       

Project 21-03-0662
Street Panel Repairs on Banyan Street, Cherrywood Street & Oyster Creek Drive
Contractor:  HTI Construction (Rosenberg, TX) 

Project 21-05-1299
CDBG Street Improvements on Azalea Street 
Contractor:  Sorrell Construction (Freeport, TX)