Projects Under Construction


Project 17-01-1920           Drainage Improvements in Lake Forest Subdivision (2016 Bond Project)
                                          Blossom St, Clover St and Daisy Street Ditch & Storm Sewer Outfalls
                                          Upsize / Reslope / Replace Drainage Structures
                                          Contractor:  RAC Industries (Pasadena, TX)

Project 17-06-0253           Paving, Drainage & Utility Improvements on South Yaupon St (Walnut to
                                          Oleander), Oleander St (Hickory to Maple), Hickory St (Mimosa to Oleander),
                                          Lotus St (Hickory to Past South Yaupon), Lotus Court & Bois D'Arc Street
                                          Contractor:  Matula & Matula (Lake Jackson, TX) 
Project 17-10-1285-B        Wastewater Replacement for the Lift Station No. 6, Sub-Basin 6A & 6B,
                                           Phase 2
                                           Contract Awarded:  Texas Pride Utilities