Apartment and Rental Properties

The City of Lake Jackson inspects all Multi-Family Residential Units. A copy of all inspection reports are kept on site, and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to the Code Enforcement office at City Hall.

This department oversees the following, but not limited to:
  • All apartment interior concerns
  • All apartment exterior concerns
  • Apartment swimming pools and spas
  • Junk vehicles at apartment complexes upon management request
  • Tenant and owner rental concerns

To report any of the above or related rental issues, you can call 979-415-2430 or fill out a Complaint form to register the complaint only after you have notified the owner/manager in writing, a signed copy of proof of notification and have allowed the apartment complex ten (10) days for repairs.

Other Resources - To learn more about tenant rights, please refer to the following:



 The City of Lake Jackson will not get involved in any civil matters (for example: lease and rental disputes). The city follows the International Code Council and Property Maintenance Regulations.