Mayor's Messages

The State of Cleanup after Hurricane Nicholas

October 5, 2021

The contractor crews started picking up brush material on Thursday, September 23rd. There are four teams and the city has been divided into four areas. The City Manager and I met with the contractor, Crowder Gulf this past Friday. They are at a 50% point. The recent rains have slowed their progress a little as the area where they are dropping the material was muddy which caused trouble for the heavy equipment. We were able to make improvements to the road during the day Friday. Our City crews that also do heavy brush and heavy trash pick up are back on the normal schedule so this should help speed up the process. The amount of brush material is expected to produce over 3,000 standard dump truck loads of mulch so this is no small task. It is estimated that there will be 50,000 CY of mulch. Large tree trunks and extremely large logs will be picked up using different equipment and flatbed trailers. The contractor's focus is first on tree brush materials and then fence material. It may take a week and a half or up to two additional weeks to get us back to normal. We all want the storm material moved out as quickly as possible.

Mulch site Oct. 5

Mulch site on Oct. 5, 2021