Light Up Lake Jackson


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All the Light Up Lake Jackson Events!

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The ending of Festival of Lights is just the beginning 

Light Up Lake Jackson!

A Season of Yuletide Cheer! 

The new Lake Jackson holiday tradition!

Light Up Lake Jackson was designed during COVID as a way to have a safe and fun holiday celebration for residents and visitors. It became an annual event after the magnificent response from residents who were delighted with the month-long festivities. 

The 3rd Annual Light Up Lake Jackson occurs on our FB page and our website. This includes rules, procedures, downloads and entry forms. We also announce the winners. Winners will receive their prizes and awards in person at City Hall. 

It begins as the last event of the Festival of Lights and runs until New Year's Eve. 

The events and contests are free to all. 

We are still planning Light Up Lake Jackson 2023 activities. Check back regularly to see when we've finalized the plans!

Activities At-A-Glance

YOU in the Lights | The Popular Downtown Selfie Stations  

Festival of Lights - Jan 3

Giving the Lights | The Police Department Blue Santa Project  

Oct. 3 - Dec. 4

Color The Lights  | The Coloring Contest with a Twist 

Nov. 18 - Dec. 8

Draw the Lights | The All-Ages Drawing Contest   

Nov. 18 - Dec. 13

Decorate the Lights | The Exceptional House Decorating Contest 

 Nov. 18 - Dec. 10

Recycle the Lights | Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful Recycles String Lights             

Nov. 18 - Jan. 5

 Mail the Lights  | Santa's Mailbox Returns to Lake Jackson 

Nov. 27 - Dec. 15

 Pets in the Lights | Santa Paws!    

Dec. 2 

LED Light Up Lake Jackson | The Library Science Project  

 Dec. 11 -  Dec. 18

Tour the Lights | The Interactive Tour Map of LJ Holiday Homes

Dec. 13 - Jan. 3

Search the Lights | The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt 

Dec. 15 

Santa in the Lights | The Premier Santa Tour

Dec. 16   

Artists in the Lights | The Holiday Art Gallery featuring LJ residents & children

Dec. 19 - Dec. 30

2024 in the Lights | The Lake Jackson New Year's Eve Party

Dec. 31    

 Dunes in the Lights | Recycle Your Christmas Tree for local dune restoration

After the Holidays - Jan. 10


Join us for one event or join us for all! We created each event to bring

 the Yuletide cheer to each and every one of our residents! 

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